Story Book Sunday: Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon’s Great EscapeGordon's Great Adventure by Sue Hendra is a lovely, colourful book by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet. It follows the adventures of a little balloon, who has just been let out into the big wide world to meet new people and learning about the dangers of being out and about as a balloon. It also has a friendship theme running through it; making you think about why it is important to be kind to others and that you never know when you might need their help in return.

Cici, my 4 year old daughter, and I struggled a little with this book. I personally, as a mum, loved the story, its lessons and the brightly coloured images, but Cici, to begin with, wasn’t a fan. Cici is quite an emotionally reactive child. She is well tuned to others’ emotions and sympathises if someone close to her is hurt or upset, giving them a great big hug and saying “Awww poor you…” She’s the same if she sees something on TV, she’ll get upset at something that’s happening on screen, or she’ll get genuinely worried if the ‘bad guys’ are winning and will run away to hide or get upset. She is terrified of Monsters Inc! One day after school, she was in a snuggly mood, so I decided to read Gordon’s Great Escape to her. I was shocked when she freaked out and cried her eyes out every time Gordon had a lucky escape with a dangerous item! I thought maybe she was just feeling emotional after a long day at school, so I put the book away ready to try again another time.

A few days later, at bedtime, I decided to try her again with Gordon’s book. Thinking she’d be ok, nice and relaxed after her bath, I started to read. And again, she got upset! This happened again and again over the next few weeks. She said she was worried that Gordon would burst, and she didn’t want him to. We’d already read the whole book plenty of times so she knew how the story ended, but still she worried.

Gordon's Great Adventure by Sue Hendra

Cici has finally gotten used to the story now and it no longer upsets her thankfully. She laughs along at its clever wit and likes to help me identify all the possible dangers that she’d encounter if she too, were a balloon. It’s taken me a while to write this review because I genuinely love the book! It’s the perfect book for children ages 3-5 years, and on sale at Amazon from just £3.49, it’s not a bad price either. Fellow blogger Emily over at ‘Twin Mummy and Daddy’ had a much happier response to this book from her own 4 year olds. You can find out what they thought about it here.

Have you read Gordon’s Great Adventure to your little ones yet? How did they react? I’d love to hear what they thought!

Disclaimer: This book is a PR sample sent to us to review, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own!

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