Product Review: Cinderella Colouring Book

"Adult Colouring Book" Cinderella

Have you tried those colouring books for grown ups yet? No? Me neither. They’ve always intrigued me though. As a child, I loved colouring! My mum (aka Santa) would always get us a few for Christmas, keeping us occupied over the holiday period. But colouring books were always seen as something for children, so as I grew up, the colouring stopped.

However, the last few years have seen the arrival of colouring books for adults, and their popularity has boomed! There are so many benefits:

  • They help you to de-stress. Did you know that Psychiatrists have been prescribing them as a treatment method for years?
  • Colouring focuses your brain & helps you relax. Personally, I find wallpapering extremely therapeutic myself due to my mind concentrating on a specific task, blocking out everything else that may be worrying me, so I can see how colouring would have a similar effect.
  • It’s a quick boredom fix.
  • It gives you the chance to be creative without having to physically make something.
  • It takes you back to childhood when your only worry was which colour crayon you were going to use next.
  • You can be yourself. Whether you want to colour the whole picture pink or scribble over the lines, it doesn’t matter because you’re doing it for you.
  • I’ve also heard they’re really good for adults with Type 1 Diabetes too. A few people I know swear by them when their sugar levels are on the high side and they’re waiting for them to come back down into range. High sugar levels make many people hungry so focusing their mind on colouring helps distract them from thinking about food.

I’ve always wanted to get myself one but honestly, I’d never really seen much point. Up until now, I’d never explored the benefits. Being a single working mum, managing my Diabetes, running a home singlehandedly & blogging in my spare time left me with very little time for much else. Added to that, I’ve not found a colouring book that has sparked my imagination enough. I’ll have a nose in passing while out shopping, but truthfully, pictures of abstract shapes and pages of flowers do not inspire me in the slightest. They bore me.

That is until recently. An email popped into my inbox from Penguin Random House asking if I wanted to review one of their newly released colouring books. But not just any old colouring book…

Do you remember those little hard backed Ladybird classics from childhood? I do. I loved reading and I had a huge collection of these books. And now these classic books have been turned into actual colouring books! You can imagine how excited I was when I was sent ‘Cinderella‘! Best of all I could share one of my old favourite classics with Cici (just the story, not the colouring in bit… The colouring in is for me & me only! Sorry Cici…). I was also sent ‘A Ladybird Book of Colouring‘,  containing black and white versions of other vintage titles in this nostalgic book series. Who else remembers ‘Puss In Boots’, ‘Shopping With Mother’ and ‘Things We Do’? Each page displays a little thumbnail of the original coloured book cover in case you want to copy it.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The colouring books look exactly the same as their original counterparts, just in black & white. The pictures are exactly the same, the text is exactly the same. They even have the same hard backed cover! I was finally allowed to colour in my childhood storybooks without my mum having a meltdown!

Ive had a little go, and I will admit, it is pretty relaxing. It helped me clear my mind so I’m going to keep working on it whenever the chance arises. Whenever I need some therapeutic ‘me’ time. A lot easier – and cheaper – than wallpapering, and my poor house gets a little break from DIY! It also fits in my handbag, so I can take it with me wherever I go to pass time. At only £6.99 each, they don’t break the bank either.

The only recommendation I would give, is if you’re a perfectionist like me, invest in some good coloured pencils. Although I used felt pens on my first go on the inside cover, I’d be too afraid to use them on the thinner pages inside just in case the ink runs through onto the page behind and ruins it.


If you’re looking for that perfect gift for a book worm, I’d 100% recommend these books! They would also make a great gift to older children so that they too can experience the books we all know & loved as youngsters.

Are you an adult colouring book fan? Why do you love it so much? I’d love to see your colouring in! Post your photos onto Social Media for me to see and don’t forget to tag me @hecticdiabectic 💕

Becky xxx

Disclaimer: The Ladybird colouring books are PR samples sent to me for review, however the opinions expressed are 100% my own!



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