Bidvine Review: My Mission To Find An Interior Painter Made Easy

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Since landing in the world of single motherhood, I’ve become quite nifty at the ‘ole diy. I can put together flat packed furniture without resorting to too many swear words, and not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m not too bad at wallpapering either. In fact, I find it oddly therapeutic. The interior of my home looks completely different to how it was when I moved in. It’s still not perfect, but I’m getting there slowly. My living room and kitchen are both nicely done, as is my hallway. My next mission is my stairs and landing, but the thought of painting is holding me back, especially as I can’t reach the high part over the stairs. I’ve been considering hiring an interior decorator to do the job for me, but the thought of trawling through Google page after Google page for the right person for the job, well I feel exhausted just thinking about the information overload! However, I’ve recently been asked to review a new website called Bidvine and saw it as a good opportunity to help me find a decent interior decorator in Swansea.

Single Mum Home Redecorating Skills Before And After


So what is Bidvine?

Bidvine is a website that lets you search for certain services in your chosen area free of charge. Although I was just on the hunt for a painter, I was surprised by how many varying services the website actually offers. From the predictable ‘cleaner’ and ‘plumber’, to the more unique ‘reiki healing’ and ‘etiquette lessons’, it may well be possible to find what you’re looking for, depending on what services are available in your area. The website is easy to use, you simply pop in your keyword, in my case ‘interior painting’ and type in your postcode. Next, the website takes you through a few simple questions based on what it is that you’re looking for. In my case, this included such questions as “Do you require the painter to supply the paint or will you supply?” and “What room do you want painted?” Once that’s done and you’ve completed your details, you just wait for the service providers to get in touch via the website.


Bidvine Website Review

My Verdict…

I’m going to be honest here… I didn’t think the website would bring up any suppliers. I live in a tiny town deep in the South Wales valleys, a town that nobody can even pronounce the name of! So I was very surprised when the next day, my inbox pinged with an email from Bidvine informing me that I’d received some messages from potential painters.

The website is quick and easy to navigate. It allows you to see every application you’ve made on one screen, with the number of messages received, so that you can see at a glance which request has been successful. Clicking on the message gives you the option to view the tradesperson’s profile in more detail if required, enabling you to make an informed decision. I’m actually considering hiring one of the painters who responded, as they provided me with a great quote and by clicking onto their profile, I was able to visit their business website to view examples of their work.

I’d recommend Bidvine to anyone struggling to find a service or who gets frustrated at having to spend hours surfing the net just to find the one. I will certainly be using Bidvine again in future. I have Cici’s birthday coming up soon which I’ll need to get my skates on and start planning. I wonder if I can use Bidvine to find some party entertainers…

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