10 Reasons To Love Autumn


I love Summer… But the latter part of the year is my favourite. Here are my 10 reasons why…

1. I love the fun it brings. Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and eventually, although a whole new season, Christmas. Bonfire Night is a major event here in the UK, where we all dress up warm to go watch the fireworks, eat hot dogs and have a fun family evening out. One of my favourite memories was going to watch the fireworks and later on, going back to my Grandma’s house, where she’d made us some hot blackcurrant squash to warm up our cold hands.

Halloween Zombie Lilly Pop Lady

2. Hallowe’en gives you the excuse to dress up, and go all out with it. I absolutely love Hallowe’en… I firmly believe I have a bit of American blood in me when it comes to Hallowe’en, you guys go all out, but in a good way! I love coming up with new costume ideas, one year I was a Zombified Macdonalds worker, another year I was a zombie lollipop lady, so much fun!

3. A big mug of hot chocolate with squidgy cream & marshmallows, snuggled up on the sofa under my warm, fluffy blanket.


4. Going for walks in the crisp, fresh air over crunchy leaves… Ok, it rains A LOT here in the UK, even during the Summer, so I guess I’m over-romanticising this point a tad. It’s not so fun going for a walk in the pouring down rain, slipping on the soggy leaves under foot, but when we do get the rare chance to crunch leaves, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Autumn "Autumn Leaves" "Rusty Car"

5. Food. Warm, stodgy, heart warming food. Think soups, or ‘cawl’ is what we have here in Wales (you’ve never tasted cawl? You’ve not lived yet! My mum makes the best cawl!), shepherds pies, bangers & mash… Anything that’s hot, delicious & filling. Desserts? Yes, desserts too have to be hot, stodgy and filling – apple crumble with custard, bread & butter pudding with custard, jam roly poly with, you’ve guessed it, custard!

6. Snuggling up in my hoody. I’ll admit, im I’m not a massive fan of onesies, I get warm too quick… Or I’ll need the loo and having to strip off when it’s Baltic makes me kinda grumpy. So hoodies win hands down for me.


7. The X-Factor! X-Factor is screened at the very right time of the year, just after the summer ends, when it starts to get dark early and nobody really wants to go out on a Saturday night in the torrential weather. For me, it marks the count down to Christmas (Yes, I know, 4 months before… Really??) Yes really… I love the whole build up! You can’t beat coming home from spending a Saturday Christmas shopping, stripping out of your damp clothes, making a hot cuppa and settling down to watch.

8. The clocks go back, and we get an extra hour in bed! Well that’s the theory anyway… Cici isn’t a big fan of sleep, and I’m guessing this option doesn’t apply if you’re a parent either…


9. You don’t see as many spiders, have you noticed this? I’m assuming they go into hybernation, only by the time the warmer seasons come around they seem to have grown into monsters!

10. And finally, snuggly socks! I love wearing fluffy knee high socks. My feet are always cold, I’ve always suspected it to be down to my Diabetes, so Autumn is the perfect excuse to keep them warm.

Socks "knee high socks" cuppa

Do you agree with my list, or have I missed anything? What are your reasons for loving Autumn? Or maybe you hate it and are a Summer person through & through? Let me know in the comments below! 🍂

*Disclaimer: I’d like to thank my brother Nathan Wyn Evans for letting me borrow one of his fabulous images in my post. Thanks Nath!



2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Love Autumn

  • September 2, 2016 at 5:14 am

    Autumn is my favorite season. Hands down! I used to love going on hay rides and drinking hot apple cider in the fall. Now I live in a desert and there is no changing of leaves and it is still 100 degrees! I miss autumn so much! Hot Chocolate and cozy socks for sure!


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