Practice Makes Perfect – My Journey Towards Insulin Pump Therapy


Today is my final day of ‘pump practice’ before I actually ‘go live’ with insulin tomorrow. This past week, I’ve been living life as though I’m an actual pump user, only minus the insulin. Instead, I’ve been given a few cartridges of saline solution to practice with. The thinking behind it is to try and deter future pumpers from quitting at the first hurdle, enabling them to practice and increase their confidence. Many pumpers are sent home on day 1 with insulin and then panic or stress about getting it wrong or finding it difficult to change their infusion set, that they end up giving up and returning to MDI (multiple daily injections).

I will admit, I probably would have done the same. My first night using my pump, I found it difficult to detach my tubing from the cannula. It stressed me out massively as I wondered how I would be able to do simple things, such as take a shower, if I couldn’t even detach myself. I decided to chill out, sleep on it and change my infusion set the next day, practice makes perfect after all, and I’d been provided with plenty of supplies to do a few sets changes over the week. I needn’t have worried, by following the guide included in my pack, I changed my set with ease and positioned my cannula so that it was easier to detach the tube if needed. For first time pumpers, I would advise making sure you give yourself plenty of time to change your infusion set in the beginning, as it does take some time to get into it. I’m certain as time goes on, it’ll be as effortless as tying my shoe laces.

Over the week, I’ve experimented with different ways of wearing my pump, from hooking it on to the pocket of my jeans, to attaching it to my thigh when wearing a dress and hooking it through the middle of my bra when wearing a skirt and top. My next mission is to do a bit of window shopping and treat myself to some funky accessories to make pump life simpler. I’d love to hear your suggestions, just pop them in the comments below!

So tomorrow I’ll actually ‘go live’ and start my new insulin delivery regime. I’m slightly nervous, but more excited. I’m excited about the freedom it’s gonna provide me with, by not having to find a discreet spot to take my insulin. I’m excited at the prospect of having less hypos, as the pump can deliver a lot less insulin than an injection can, 1 unit can be split into smaller parts.

I’m prepared, and looking forward to, the challenge of tweaking my daily doses and having a much tighter control over my blood sugar results. I’m sure there’ll be lots of tears and tantrums on my part over the next few weeks and months, but I’m ready to kick Diabetes’ ass!

Let’s do this!

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