A Type 1 Diabetic Reviews Cake! (Plus a Special Offer Discount Code)

*Pssssst* Can I let you in on a little secret?

Type 1 Diabetics CAN eat cake!

No I’m not being silly… Seriously, we can! Let me explain…

The purpose of insulin is to help glucose enter the body’s cells when we eat carbohydrates in order to give us energy. Think of insulin like a key; it unlocks the door to the cells to allow glucose in to give us energy. Usually, our pancreas creates the insulin for us automatically, but sometimes, for reasons which are not yet 100% clear, our immune system decides to go on the warpath, destroying the insulin-producing cells and rendering the pancreas useless; it can no longer work to produce any insulin.

So without any insulin, the door to our cells remain closed. With nowhere to go, the glucose builds up in our blood stream, and our body starts breaking down fat and muscle as an alternative form of energy. This causes a build up in the body of toxic chemicals called Ketones, which poisons the blood stream. Without rapid treatment, it will prove fatal. This autoimmune condition is called Type 1 Diabetes.


Us Type 1 Diabetics have to act for our redundant pancreas and personally deliver the insulin into our body ourselves every time we eat any foods containing carbohydrates, either via an injection or an insulin pump. Every time we eat, we have to work out exactly how many carbs each piece of food contains, in order to work out how much insulin is needed to open the door to our cells, just enough to stop us feeling ill. There are carbohydrates in practically everything- from bread, pizza, pasta, rice, potatoes, even fruit! So if it were true that Type 1 Diabetics can’t eat cake, then it would mean we can’t eat any of the other foods I’ve just mentioned either! Pizza actually makes my blood sugar levels sky rocket… Way higher than a slice of cake or a bar of chocolate does!

Anyway, I apologise for baffling and boring you with Science, so on to the point of this post… This week, I was asked to review some cupcakes by mail order cake company Caketoppers Ltd. Caketoppers Ltd specialise in creating delicious cakes decorated with an edible icing topper, personalised to suit your needs. Whether it’s for a special birthday or promoting your business, (just some examples), they can create your perfect cake. They are based in Farnham, England, but that’s not a problem as they send their cakes out via courier, usually as a next day delivery, or on a date of your choice.


I happily agreed to the review, seeing it as my chance to debunk the ‘No Cakes For Type 1 Diabetics’ myth that I’ve encountered my whole life, as well as getting the chance to test out some tasty cakes in the process. I’m a huge cake fan! You should pop on over to my Instagram account, you’ll soon get the picture!

I decided to have my cupcakes designed with my blog in mind, so I chose my logo as my topper. All I had to do was email my image over, and they took care of the rest. I did indeed receive my cupcakes the next day, carefully boxed, wrapped in cellophane & surrounded by bubble wrap to protect them from damage. I opened them up to find them in perfect condition, without a blemish, which impressed me greatly as I half expected them to arrive slightly squished if I’m totally honest. My edible logo was of a good quality and clear as day. I also received a printed ingredients list, which included a best before date of 2 weeks, plenty of time to scoff them… Not that I needed two weeks!


Next, it was time for the taste test! I had considered not sharing with Cici, but they looked too tasty for her to miss out on, and sharing is caring and all that, so I waited for school to end. We had a choice of two flavours – a classic sponge and chocolate. Cici took forever umm’ing and arrr’ing between the two, but finally settled on the classic sponge, so I had the chocolate, although we had a little nibble of each others’. They tasted delicious! Very fresh and the icing just melts in your mouth. I preferred the classic sponge; the chocolate cake tasted very rich, but that didn’t stop me from demolishing the whole thing in just a few bites! I prefer chocolate cake in small doses personally, I can take it or leave it.

I think Caketoppers Ltd are my new go-to company for any cakes I may need in future. Sam, my contact at the company, even kindly sent over the nutritional info for each cupcake, meaning I could easily  work out the carb content and calculate my insulin doses, without me worrying about guesstimating and leaving my sugar levels too high or too low.

I have a discount code available if you too would like to try their delicious cakes. Just pop on over to their website, place your order and enter the code below into the relevant box to receive 10% off! Your cakes will be with you in a jiffy! Remember to keep in touch and let me know what you think!

Becky xxx

Disclaimer: These cupcakes are PR samples sent to us by Caketoppers Ltd to review, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own!

Discount code for mail order cupcakes

2 thoughts on “A Type 1 Diabetic Reviews Cake! (Plus a Special Offer Discount Code)

  • September 20, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Great review and great message, as us T1D’s do likw to eat cake as much as the next person…we just need to inject a bit before 🙂 x

    • September 20, 2016 at 2:08 pm

      Thank you! I love cake and I’m a chocolate fiend! Yes you’re right there, knowing how to carb count is key x


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