Story Book Sunday: ‘Pom Pom is Super!’ & ‘Oddbods’

sleeping Cici

Cici and I have a lovely little bedtime routine going. Bath every other night -she’s an Eczema sufferer; bathing every night dries her skin out more- and on the alternate nights, she’s allowed to watch a short film in bed. I know watching tv in bed isn’t recommended by the ‘professionals’, but my opinion is, do what works for your family. We struggled with bedtime for 3 1/2 years, so I will stick to what works best for us.

However, whichever night it is, whether it’s bath night or film night, we always read a bedtime story afterwards, when I go to tuck her in and give her a kiss goodnight. We spent a lot of our Summer holidays back & fore to the library, choosing books for bedtime. Cici even received a little medal for completing the Roald Dahl Bookstart challenge!

This week, we received a lovely package from Penguin Random House containing two children’s books: ‘Oddbods’ by Steven Butler and ‘Pom Pom is Super!’ by Sophy Henn. We couldn’t wait for bedtime!

Oddbods by Steven Butler

Cici decided on Oddbods first. Oddbods is a hilarious book about the strange quirky personalities of each colourful character, who each appear by name in the order of the alphabet. It was released this summer by Puffin Books and retails at £6.99. If you’re a Roald Dahl fan, you’ll love this!

Oddbods helps demonstrate the message that everyone is unique in their own little ways, but that it’s totally ok! Most of the characters evoked a positive reaction from Cici, mainly laughter! We also were able to discuss how she is different from other people: She is different from me because she “is small, and Mammy is big. And Mammy cleans the house, but I don’t!” Cici loved the book and giggled her head off throughout the entire story. She later said it was her “favourite book ever!”

Pom Pom is Super by Sophy Henn

Next up was Pom Pom is Super!, again by Puffin Books & retailing at £6.99. Pom Pom is a panda bear and the star of his own series of stories, this one being his latest. He’s excited to have his friends round to play, but when they all arrive dressed as superheroes, he contemplates whether or not he is a superhero too.

This was a cute little story to read to Cici and it gave us the opportunity to have a chat about what she is personally good at, and how I am good at doing different things than she is. Apparently, I am good at “going to work” and she is good at “doing tumble tosses! In the story, Pom Pom’s friends try to come up with some examples of what he is good at to make him feel better about himself. We were able to discuss how we could help our own friends feel better about themselves if they felt sad by giving them compliments and being kind.

Both books are totally different in their own ways, but the underlying theme is similar in that it teaches children that by acknowledging individuality and celebrating this, they can make people feel  happy and loved. Such an important thing to teach your children!

What books have you been reading with your little ones recently? Cici and I are always looking for new titles, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Becky xxx

Disclaimer: These books are PR samples sent to us to review, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own!

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