Story Book Sunday: Alfie and His Very Best Friend – A Tale of Friendship

Just before Cici turned 2 years old, my Health Visitor asked whether I’d like to register her to start attending school from her 2nd birthday. She could attend 2 hours a day after a short settling in period. It may seem a lot for a 2 year old, but I’m an introvert and can find it difficult making new friends as I’m useless at small talk and stumble over my tongue, so I wanted Cici to learn how to socialise from an early age. She was the only child in my family and I often felt sorry for her that she had nobody to play with. The only child she knew was my Godson, my best friends’ little boy. There’s just 4 months age gap between them, so they are, and always have been extremely close, but I wanted her to meet other children too and ensure she had a large circle of friends.

Cici is now 4 years old and attends the very same school on a full time basis. She has lots of friends, from the group of 12-15 children she’s transitioned from class to class with, as well as the children from other classes she plays with out on the school yard. We walk to school everyday and we often pass other children on the way. I don’t know how she does it, but all Cici has to do is smile and say “hello” and the other child is running over to hold her hand and asking her “Will you be my friend?” Cici seems to have a magical energy about her that seems to draw others in. My heart melted on the first day back at school after the summer holidays, when one of Cici’s pals ran up to her, hugged her, exclaimed “Aww I’ve missed you!” and proceeded to tell her all about her holiday at the beach.

Alfie and His Very Best Friend

Before the summer holidays, Cici seemed to be going through a stage in school where only one child was allowed to be her best friend that day. Each day would be a different person, but only one best friend was allowed. I tried to tell her that you can have as many best friends as you like, explaining that I have 3 very best friends myself, but that I have other friends too. Fingers crossed, it seems to have stuck as she now tells me about all the fun she’s had through the day with different people.

However, Cici has one friend who is very special indeed. She does everything with this friend, they eat together, do everything together, go everywhere together and they sleep together. Cici’s extra special friend is Misha, her favourite cuddly toy. Misha hails from Majorca and has been a massive part of our family since just after Cici turned 2 years old, when we went on our first international holiday together. As a baby, Cici was never one for needing a special blankie or a teddy for comfort. She even refused a dummy. So, as far as I was concerned, Misha was just another teddy that would probably be chucked to the bottom of the toy box as soon as we arrived home. Only she wasn’t. Cici, for some reason, seemed to form a huge bond with Misha and they became inseparable. We even had to spark a huge ‘Misha’s Missing’ campaign on Facebook earlier this year after we lost her during a shopping trip. Luckily, and thanks to everyone locally who shared our post, Cici and Misha were reunited soon after. But in the meantime, Cici was devastated and struggled to sleep without her. It really hit home how special this cuddly toy was to her.

Best Friends

This weekend, Cici and I have been reading a lovely little book called ‘Alfie and His Very Best Friend‘ by author Shirley Hughes, which was kindly sent to us by Ladybird Books. It’s a heart warming book based on friendship, providing children (and adults!) some valuable lessons in kindness, and what it means to be a friend. Cici loved the colourful pictures, and they took me back to my own childhood, where I can vaguely recall reading about Alfie’s adventures myself. The book consists of 3 different adventures that Alfie and his best friend Bernard embark on, including a scooter race (Cici’s favourite part) and a secret club. Who didn’t want to be a member of a secret club as a child? I certainly did! If you pop on over to the Ladybird website, they have some fun activity sheets you can download too based on the book, including a best friend certificate!

Does your little one have a very best friend? Tell me all about them in the comments below!

Becky xxx

Disclaimer: This book is a PR sample sent to us to review, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own!

Alfie and His Very Best Friend

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