Christmas Planning in September! Website Review: Lapland Mailroom

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday.

OMG! Did I just say the C word in SEPTEMBER??

I’m not trying to be smug, (OK, maybe just a tad…), but as a single mum, I find it so much easier and less stressful if I’m on top of my game and being organised well in advance, meaning I can just enjoy the holidays without worry.

Christmas Eve Bo

It’s not just my gift shopping I sort in advance though. I love Christmas, and making it a magical time for my 4 year old daughter Cici is my biggest mission every year. Christmas is awesome when you’re a child, but when you have your own children, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world! So, as you can imagine, I go all out. She receives a Christmas Eve box under the tree the night before Christmas, containing new fluffy pyjamas, a Christmas DVD, a Christmas themed story book, a hot chocolate kit and some chocolate coins.

This, for me, follows on from a little tradition I used to have with my youngest brother & sister when they were little ‘uns (I’m 10 & 12 years older than them!) I’d buy them their main gift to open on Christmas Day, but I’d also buy them something small to open on Christmas Eve evening to make it more exciting for them; nothing major just a chocolate lollipop, or a little toy for example. It usually kept them busy for half hour or so, giving my mum a little peace and quiet. But after I became a mum, I wanted to carry on that tradition. But bigger and better!

Last year, for the first time, one of Santa’s Elves, Eric McJingley-Legs, came to stay with us in December to observe whether Cici was naughty or nice. Cici was actually very well behaved, but Eric was quite mischievous; he wrapped our not-yet-decorated Christmas tree in toilet paper and he drew all over our picture frames with a black Sharpie pen! I’m not sure if Santa will let him return this year, I fear he may have been fired from his career as a little Christmas Elf!

Santa's Naughty Elf

Every year, without fail, Cici receives a letter from the North Pole, from Santa. Last Christmas was the first Christmas where she could truly feel the excitement for herself. Babies and toddlers aren’t interested in millions of toys or family traditions, they just prefer to trash the tree or eat the gift wrap paper you’ve just pulled from their gifts. The excitement displayed in her eyes and her voice last Christmas when his letter dropped on to our door mat was one of the happiest feelings I’ve ever felt. Even more so when I sat her on my lap to read it to her.

So this year was going to be no different, our family tradition would continue. Only this year I’ve been offered the chance to receive this years’ Santa’s letter free from Lapland Mailroom, in exchange for a review of their website. Clicking on to their website, I immediately felt the Christmas excitement I usually feel when I begin putting my Christmas plans into place. Their home page gives you that magical feeling you got as a child. Scrolling down, it contains everything you need to know about their products: prices, how to order, payment details etc.

Lapland Mailroom

I’m quite fussy with my Christmas purchases. I don’t like my letters to contain childish, cartoon style images. I prefer something with a classy, traditional feel, a more ‘rustic’ look I suppose. I even refused to buy our first Christmas tree unless I found one covered in snow! I spent months searching for the perfect one. Christmas is serious business in our house I’ll have you know! (*pokes tongue out*) I spend more time than I realistically should when I’m searching for that perfect letter. So realising that I had the option to preview Lapland Mailroom’s letters before I chose and ordered, was a massive plus in my eyes. You can choose between 3 different letters or a ‘Baby’s First Letter’. Hovering your mouse over the letter brings up an old fashioned style magnifying glass, which enlarges the text to make it easier to read. There are two preview options, one to view the completed letter how you would receive it in the post, or one that shows you which parts of the letter can be personalised. Yes, they even personalise your letters for you!

So far, so good… their letters were just what I wanted. Now on to the ordering process. I’ll be honest here, I thought I’d have a nightmare of a time with the ordering process. Nothing to do with the website, I’m usually just unlucky with the whole checkout process thing. Listen to this… I was recently on the hunt for a laptop. Chose the one I wanted to purchase, selected my delivery time, about to click ‘order’… and then my phone dies! By the time I’d put it on charge and waited for it to power back on, my laptop of choice was OUT OF STOCK! Not only that, but my 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice were ALSO out of stock! I had to settle on the one that I wasn’t really fussed on, but will have to just make do with… It’s actually not as bad as imagined it would be.

Lapland Mailroom with Santa's Elf

The ordering process was much simpler than I thought it would be. You just answer the relevant personalisation questions and click ‘Preview Letter’. You’ll have the chance to check over your letter and edit your answers if you’re not happy with them. Once you’re all set to go, hit the ‘buy’ button, check over your order, select your preferred delivery option and enter your payment details. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY! Letters cost £7.95 and includes a free ‘nice’ certificate, or for just £1 more, you’ll also receive some cute activity sheets. Letters can be delivered anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

I haven’t received our letter yet, for obvious reasons it’s due nearer to Christmas, so I can’t make any comments about the actual letter yet. But if you’re looking for an easy ordering process, something you can tailor to suit your children, while setting off those excited Christmas butterflies in your tummy , then this is the website for you. The only thing I would recommend is, if you are going to order with Lapland Mailroom, doing it via a PC or a laptop makes it a much easier process. I found my phone screen a bit too small to see the writing clearly.

If you’re still in two minds about ordering, preferring to see what the letter looks like in real life, keep checking back to this post. Once Cici receives her letter, I will be updating this post to give my opinion and show you a photo. Happy Christmas Shopping!

Becky xxx

Disclaimer: I agreed to review this website in exchange for receiving a letter from Santa, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own!

Lapland Mailroom


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