Colour Together: Christmas Colouring Book Review

Cici, my four year old daughter and I had a fab weekend just recently. I had the whole weekend off work, which is a rare occurrence, so we made the most of it and had a lazy weekend. On the Saturday, we stayed in our pyjamas all day and had a Christmas Movie Marathon, which included The Grinch and the Home Alone box set, and on the Sunday, we ventured out somewhat into the fresh air, to the movies to watch the new Trolls movie. Have you seen it yet? I loved it! They look so much more prettier than they did back in the nineties, don’t you think?

Colour Together Christmas Colouring Book

Our chilled weekend also gave us the chance to try out a colouring book we were sent recently by Anderson Press to review. Not just any colouring book though. It’s called ‘Colour Together: Christmas’ by Annie Davidson, designed for two people to share one colouring picture. One page of the book contains a detailed black and white image for grown ups to colour in, while on the opposite page the image is a little simpler, so that your child can join in with you. It doesn’t even have to be shared with a child, you and a partner or a friend could even alternate pages if that’s more suited to you. Basically, the idea is, as it states on the cover, two people can colour one picture. A perfect relaxing indoor activity for those cold rainy days we’re in the midst of right now.

Colour Together Christmas Colouring Book Gingebread Man Village Scenery

The book looks and feels elegant, with a shiny gold trim framing the picture on the front cover. The pages inside are made from a high quality thick card, however, I’d recommend investing in some good quality colouring pencils to colour it with. Cici and I used felt pens, but even with the thick pages, the ink still comes through to the page behind. The Christmas related pictures inside are stunning, ranging from the traditional, such as ‘a partridge in a pear tree’, to the more modern scenes of shopping trips and gingerbread houses. Most pages contain a sentence or two of text, so once you’ve finished adding colour to the book, you could even keep it to use as a lovely bedtime story to read too.

Colour Together Christmas Colouring Book

Cici was amazed when I got out the felt pens and sat her down to colour with me. First of all, felt pens are banned from our house, so they’re a rare sight! And secondly, although Cici and I are always together, thinking about it, we don’t actually do a lot together. When we’re not at school or work, we’re usually at home. But unless I’m cleaning, I’m usually on the laptop working on my blog and she’s either playing or browsing on her Kindle. So this was a lovely opportunity for us to do something simple but different.

Throughout the activity, Cici kept telling me she loved me and when I asked why, she said “Because you are colouring with me!” This brought a lump to my throat and the guilt kicked in massively. It made me realise that I need to start putting a lot more effort and thought into our time together. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by life and let time run away with us, but she is only little once. When she is older, I want her to remember our time together as being fun and hands on, and not just me lingering in the background. I think Cici and I would benefit from a couple of ‘date nights’ each week, where we don’t even have to leave the house, but we will switch off all mobile devices and focus on doing something fun together, whether it’s simply colouring in together or something more elaborate (runs off to Pinterest to search for ideas…)

Colour Together Christmas Colouring Book

What I loved about the book is how it got us actually chatting together and sharing. We’d both wait for the other to finish with the colour that we wanted to use, there were no arguments or tantrums from either of us. I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, so I even surprised myself when I let her colour in my side without thinking “Oh no, she’s going to ruin my picture!” This book would be make a lovely little gift to go under the tree ready to open on Christmas morning, or even to send someone as a Secret Santa gift. They also have a few other books in their range including Colour Together: Nature. This book costs £9.98 and is available to purchase on Amazon.

Do you have regular ‘dates’ with your child? What do you get up to on them? I’d love to hear some of your ideas to try out myself with Cici!

Disclaimer: The Colour Together: Christmas book is a PR sample sent to us to review, however the opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own!

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